Expert Linux Support Services

No matter what type of software you have, at Pantek, we’re here to help. We offer support for open-source technology, data center infrastructure implementation, cloud hosting, DevOps, and IT administration. We play a full supporting role, so you can focus on your business, not your software systems.

Secure, Reliable Cloud Environments

At Pantek, we believe that being proactive rather than reactive is key. Our process helps uncover potential points of failure, automate updates, patches, and data transfers/uploads to reduce downtime, and provide a more sustainable, stable, and secure environment. You can rely on our expert team to help identify problems and craft strategic solutions to prevent major software issues from occurring.

Linux Supported Services

Pantek provides 24-hour support, seven days a week. With over 20 years of expertise, we can support most Open-Source software and systems 24/7/365 for managed service clients.

Managed Support Services

  • Proactive performance monitoring & alerting
  • Maintenance of the OS/DB environment (Patching, SW Updates, security updates)
  • Configuration management & system tuning
  • Optimization and continuous improvement services
  • Implementation best practices improving security and availability
  • Quarterly reports, including the services/activities carried out the previous month
  • 24×7 incident response

Project Services

  • Process excellence (Analysis, Design, Plan, Implement, Automate)

Emergency Support Services

  • 24x7x365 Emergency IT Services
  • Full portfolio of IT services available to help resolve your issue
  • Highly skilled engineers with specialization in open source ready to take your call
  • The expert experience of over 25000 support cases solved

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Linux Support Blogs

Bash Tips and Tricks

Bash Tips and Tricks

Bourne Again Shell, also known as Bash, is the default command shell in most Linux distributions. There are plenty of features within Bash that you can discover and explore when you have the time to do so, but if you’re jumping in the first time, it can be a little...

WSL2 vs. Linux

WSL2 vs. Linux

WSL, aka Windows Subsystem for Linux, was created to allow the increasing excitement for Linux’s capabilities to work with your Windows system. Over at Microsoft, executives began worrying that they’d see a noticeable drop in sales as people switched over to Linux, so...

Trends in Linux in 2021

Trends in Linux in 2021

Since its inception, people have looked to Linux for the newest innovations. As a free, open-source software, Linux has been a fantastic way for small and enterprise businesses, as well as individuals, to hone their coding skills and develop new applications. The...

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