Since its inception, people have looked to Linux for the newest innovations. As a free, open-source software, Linux has been a fantastic way for small and enterprise businesses, as well as individuals, to hone their coding skills and develop new applications. The enormous community ensures that knowledge can be widely shared to help newcomers and spread ideas among veterans. Pantek presents some of the newest trends to be on the lookout for in Linux.


The word ‘petaflop’ may sound silly to say, but it’s almost impossible to conceive how much processing power it references. Supercomputers need to be fast, precise, and have plenty of power. Sierra, the second fastest supercomputer, runs on Red Hats’ Enterprise Linux, meaning that the world of supercomputing has already started to take notice of Linux’s powerfully flexible capabilities, and we don’t think that notice will wane any time soon.

In the Cloud

Linux is mainly known for its capabilities outside of the cloud, but the creators have noted how popular cloud-native applications are becoming in Linux and plan to make it even easier for people to keep up with the trend. Linux has already made waves in cloud computing and given how much people expect cloud apps to continue to grow, there’s no way Linux won’t stay at the top of their cloud-based game.


Ubuntu may have had a few public failures over the past few years, but it is coming back with a vengeance. The 19.04 launch in April sets itself apart from previous versions by making it easier to integrate with Android, a new installer, and better graphics. It has already started to see a significant spike in popularity as people are considering giving Ubuntu a second chance, and we’re ready to see what they have planned for the future.

Exciting Hardware

For those in the know, Raspberry Pi was an amazing invention for Linux and similar components are well on their ways to becoming a reality. Linux has also recently put out new hardware for smartphones that helps to protect consumers’ privacies by isolating their information and stopping it from entering the nebulous cloud of big data we hear about so often. Now that Linux has its footing, more and more hardware designed specifically for Linux is sure to be on the horizon.

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