Our Methodology

About Pantek

The exponential increase in data collection over the past decade has driven businesses to build ever more complicated software solutions to help understand trends, customer engagement and their impacts on business goals. In today’s ever competitive business environment the motivation to capture more data and interpret it faster than ever before can push your infrastructure to a breaking point. Hiring additional technical help in this highly competitive market may not be an option to keep up with the accelerated business needs and turnover in that staff can wreak havoc on update and data transfer schedules.

It is our panoramic view of technology [Pan – Tek] that we use to develop the Pantek process which identifies potential points of failure. reduces long-term costs and improves uptime performance. Our automation tools will allow you to expand and grow your environment without the need to hire additional staff.

Our Managed Services product covers our entire process from discovery through maintenance, emergency support and reporting to keep your engineers focused on building and growing your infrastructure.

Our Process


1. Discover

This is where we understand your primary business objectives, document your environment and identify potential points of failure.

2. Prioritize

We asses risks for all potential points of failure and prioritize them based on your primary business objectives.

3. Remediation

We begin working down the prioritized risk assessment using best practices, automation tools and updating system and security updates and patches.

4. Operations & Maintenance

Our ongoing support will manage the entire environment including updates, backups and other system maintenance routines.

5. Reporting

Through monthly or quarterly calls we will review our progress, discuss any new potential software installations or changes to the environment and continue to assess and mitigate risks.

Our Story

Pantek has been maintaining and servicing open source and cloud environments for over 25 years and our US based team has over 75 years’ worth of combined experience in this space. We help companies to remain focused on what makes them money by creating processes and automation to reduce costly system downtime and staffing requirements.

We founded Pantek ”to build a vibrant technology services company where our employee & clients; learn, grow and prosper.”

Core Values:

Always Adding Value

Do the Little extras.

Smile Therapy

In tough situations look up and smile.

Shake & Bake

Work hand in hand to solve problems.

Understand your weaknesses and leverage your team’s strengths.

Make it Rain

Work smart, have fun and prosper.

Give Back

Provide work opportunities for the disadvantaged and growth opportunities from within.

Lend a hand and help co-workers succeed.


Bill Fistori

Co-Founder & CEO

Bill Fistori is a strategy leader and technology entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in business development, operations and strategic partnerships.

Joe Fistori

Co-Founder & CRO

Joe Fistori is a field-savvy, information technology industry veteran. He has more than 25 years of proven experience guiding organizations to competitively advantage themselves with the power of new technology.