With an Assist from Pantek, FoodPhone Demonstrates How Smartphone Food Analysis Can Scale in the Cloud

With the back-end application running on the Linux operating system in the cloud and the front-end application working on smartphones, FoodPhone now has a proof-of-concept that allows the company to demonstrate to investors how the solution will work in the real world.

Wandrian Partners with Pantek to Streamline Cloud Application Deployments and to Deliver Fast Responses to Customers

With both firms focusing on their core technology expertise, the end result of the Wandrian-Pantek partnerships is a robust application for finding the best places to stay in Italy.

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Is your emergency support request a canary in the coal mine?

Did you miss
a critical update?

Are you missing
any security patches?

Do you have a large amount
of manual data updates?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your system is likely to fail again.

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Infrastructure as Code: A Must for Cloud Environments

Infrastructure as Code: A Must for Cloud Environments

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Containers: An Evolution in Application Infrastructure Design

Containers: An Evolution in Application Infrastructure Design

If your IT team finds it takes too long to set up application environments, the answer you’re looking for just might be found in containers—as many other IT teams have already discovered. The container market is already hot, and it’s growing rapidly. A 451 Research...

Back to Basics: The 4 MYSQL Fundamentals Everyone Forgets About

Back to Basics: The 4 MYSQL Fundamentals Everyone Forgets About

There are a multitude of GUI and web tools available to assist in managing MySQL databases, but for the most part, the MySQL distribution itself has very good CLI tools to manage the databases. From backup to restoration, to running SQL queries and stored procedures,...

I had contacted Pantek last night after finding it via Google search, after calling the global # I was connected shortly after. Their support was AMAZING, 10 out of 10, EXCELLENT, INCREDIBLE - I seriously cannot stress enough how grateful I am for their support!!!!!

I honestly cannot say enough good things about working with Pantek, they took the time to understand my issue, I turned over control of the server to them, and they ran through a few troubleshooting checks to find the issue and correct it, all the while explaining everything they were doing and why. I would have never, ever figured it out without them!!! It was such as relief to get an EXPERT on the line and one that could immediately jump in and start troubleshooting, their knowledge of Linux is incredible and their customer support is top notch!

John G.

IT Director, Reliance Relocation Services, Inc.

System security and reliability through proactive, strategic planning and process

Our process will help discover potential points of failure, automate updates, patches and data transfers/uploads to reduce down-time and provide a more sustainable, stable and secure environment.