Your Digital Transformation Begins with an Efficient Strategy

Our experienced team can help you develop a modern digital technology environment in the cloud through strategy, planning, and execution.

System security and reliability through proactive, strategic planning and process

Our process will help discover potential points of failure, automate updates, patches and data transfers/uploads to reduce down-time and provide a more sustainable, stable and secure environment.

We Eliminate Technology Risk

Did you miss
a critical update?

Are you missing
any security patches?

Do you have a large amount
of manual data updates?

At Pantek, technology problems are proactively prevented. We do this through a team of skilled and highly experienced individuals who are trained to get to the deeper core issues in order to provide solutions that positively impact your bottom line. Our team does this by employing best practices including: monitoring, managing, automating, and securing a company’s technology ecosystem.

Cloud Roadmap Services

We offer 24/7/365 strategic support on oOpen sSource tTechnology, data center infrastructure implementation, and cloud technology services hosting, DevOps, and IT Administration.

the on-premises infrastructure and application fleet

application, network and data dependencies and topology

applications most suited for cloud migrations and assess cloud service options to map selected applications to the optimal choice of IaaS, PaaS or SaaS

a migration plan and process flow to account for important details such as data replication, account logins and connections to dependent apps

the appropriate cloud hosting environment for IaaS or PaaS legacy migration. Replicate application images and dependencies 

and test applications in a pilot environment. Migrate beta users to stimulate real-world conditions

the final pilot environment for security and regulatory compliance before cutting over. Finally harden security and optimize performance as necessary 

Pantek took the time to delve deeply into our needs and designed a custom solution,” Piovoso pointed out. “In contrast, the other providers offered generic, cookie-cutter solutions. We value Pantek’s personal approach and feel comfortable working with their entire team.

Tom Piovoso

Student Health, 101

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