Pantek Case Study

Agribusiness Eliminates Virtual Server Licensing Costs by Migrating to Proxmox


A diversified agribusiness with cattle feeding operations in the northwestern United States.

The Challenge:

To reduce IT costs, the customer decided to migrate 15 Linux servers running on VMware over to Proxmox, a free, open source server virtualization environment. In addition to eliminating server licensing costs, the company could also avoid additional licensing costs for add-on capabilities such as system back-up and high availability. After attempting to deploy Proxmox and handle the first migration with internal resources, the IT team realized it needed the help of senior IT professionals with experience in both Proxmox and VMware.

The Solution:

The customer found the perfect partner and the answer to its challenge in Pantek. Given the complexity of migrating from VMware to Proxmox, there are no tools available to automate the process. But Pantek had handled similar migrations for other clients and knew the manual best-practices to apply to ensure a smooth migration for each of the 15 virtual machines. After each VMware instance is transferred over to a new hardware server running on Proxmox, the customer is able to convert the VMware server into a future Proxmox server.

Key Services

  • Migrated 15 database, web, application and email file servers from VMware to Proxmox
  • Conducted migrations during off-hours and scheduled site downtimes to limit the impact on business operations
  • Executed server migrations one-at-a-time to reduce the drain on network bandwidth
  • Enabled server OS and applications to run faster since Proxmox requires less compute resources
  • Created an easier backup process

Key Technologies

  • Proxmox
  • Linux
  • VMware