Are you tired of worrying about potentially losing crucial data for your company in the case of a system-wide crash? Or continuously dealing with the rising costs of expensive hardware every time a new model comes out? Not to mention the maintenance needed at every turn. Cloud computing can save your business a lot more than just money and headaches; it’s the way of the future.

Cloud computing is no longer reserved for large businesses only; it can work for small and medium companies as well. With cloud computing, there’s no need to rush to a certain location to perform some basic tasks because you can have real-time access from any location. It also allows multiple individuals or teams to simultaneously access information and work collaboratively together on multiple projects. By working hand in hand instead of piecemealing your efforts, your teams will be more efficient and productive than ever before.

Stay Safe with Automation

Cloud computing utilizes the power of automation to turn previously manual tasks into something that your computer handles for you. Just think of all the time your employees can save by not having to input the same process every single time. With the push of a button, you can automate updates, data transfers, and patches. For more information about automation in the cloud, check out our blog. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on a critical security patch again.

Speaking of security, your company’s data will also be safe and secure within the cloud with reliable, state-of-the-art safety features to put your mind at ease. Our proactive way of thinking allows us to find potential performance issues and alert you before they blossom into real problems. That way, we can work together to find a solution that best fits your needs. We have highly skilled engineers at Pantek who have specialized in cloud capabilities, so you can rest easy knowing that your company’s data is in good hands.

The Pantek Touch of Expertise

Converting from one system to another can be a daunting task, but our team here at Pantek has been helping small and medium sized businesses for over 25 years. We have the experience you need to turn a technology transformation strategy into a reality. Pantek offers around-the-clock service every day of the year to make sure you get the support your company needs to ensure a smooth transition.

In addition to migrating your company into a digital cloud environment, Pantek goes above and beyond to create a plan to facilitate your company’s growth and development. We cover the entire process of migration, end to end. It all begins with a strategic plan, but we understand that helping stakeholders and other executives see the value in migrating to cloud computing is crucial. That’s why Pantek designs a step-by-step plan that’s easy to understand and not filled with overwhelmingly complicated technical jargon.

After taking stock of your current technological infrastructure, we recommend which applications are best suited for a cloud migration and which aren’t. You don’t have to worry about losing those services, though, because we can also explain the capabilities of native applications which will work efficiently in the cloud environment and enhance your company’s overall productivity. Pantek is detail-oriented and always takes every aspect of your needs into account, from account logins to connections between applications.

For once, it’s good business sense to have your head in the clouds. Contact us about converting your company’s technological infrastructure to cloud computing today!