No one enjoys wasting time doing the same steps again and again to input data, transfer that data, or facilitate a process when they could be using that time more productively. Additionally, the money needed to fund all of those extra hands or deploy an adequate number of virtual machines can be far more expensive than you’d like. Enter cloud automation, a cost-effective and energy-efficient solution for your business.

Data transfers and uploads are a popular choice for automation because it saves so much in administrative overhead costs. Simply activating a process is a lot easier and faster than entering the entire process manually. That’s on top of decreasing the amount of downtime you spend waiting for endless tasks to be input. In automating patches and updates, you can ensure that you never miss one again.

Automation has long been enjoyed by large businesses, but Pantek has been in operation for over 25 years, helping small and medium-sized businesses migrate into a digital cloud environment by creating a strong, strategic plan to facilitate company growth. Automation can effectively remove obstacles that are getting in the way of your company’s expansion. Just look at how Pantek’s partnership and automation changed the game for one of our customers.

Login VSI Case Study

For Login VSI, the automation offered by cloud computing was invaluable for their company in decreasing prohibitively high start-up costs. In addition to saving their company money, by working in tandem with Pantek to migrate their data to a cloud environment via Amazon Web Services, Login VSI was also able to deliver their product in a shorter amount of time than they’d predicted.

By utilizing the spot instances services offered by AWS, Login VSI was able to significantly reduce the costs involved. Each instance runs for about an hour and then ends, so they only had to pay for the time it was running. However, at Pantek, we didn’t stop there; we automated the entire process of bidding on AWS instances, deploying the virtual machines, doing the testing needed, and then shutting down when they were finished. By automating everything through a virtual server network infrastructure, Pantek allowed Login VSI the opportunity to not be limited by how many virtual clients they could afford to deploy.

In essence, Login VSI is now able to offer their services to even more clients than before and they won’t ever have to worry about being able to support future expansions.

Automation Can Change Your Business for the Better

The benefits of automation cannot be overstated. We appreciate the time and effort that is freed up when tasks are completed without needing oversight, and we customize solutions for our clients’ individual needs. Pantek can deliver configurations which perform consistently, as well as our expertise and resources, so you always know what’s happening with your business’ technological infrastructure. Our quarterly reports break down the activities from the previous month, so everything is always transparent.

We are in this together, so we walk you through the process every step of the way. Pantek provides services from the initial phases of analysis and design all the way through planning, implementation, and automation. Afterwards, through our ongoing support, we continue to maintain the digital environment and constantly search for ways to optimize and improve services for your success. And as you should expect, our experts are always available to give you premium support whenever you need it.

Let us help you streamline your business through automation. Contact our Pantek team here today!