Your server houses the programs and services that your other devices use throughout your company, which is why they deserve the best technology can offer. Linux is at the forefront of offerings for servers to keep everything running smoothly in a cloud environment. Major companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook are already on the Linux bandwagon, so we’re here to break down how it can work for your company too.

Saves You Money

Unlike Windows, Linux is an open-source technology, which means that it’s completely free to use. This can be a huge cost saver whether your company is just starting out or farther down the line as well. Instead of paying for packages of apps when you only need a few, Pantek can help you customize your Linux kernel to create and maintain your programs. Everything is entirely tailored to your company’s needs.

Plus, you never need to worry about renewing licenses for application suites, like with Windows.

Customized for You

The other advantage of using open-source software is that it can be customized to best meet your company’s unique needs. Linux is very flexible and that flexibility doesn’t compromise its security, either. As an open-source software, Linux has encouraged its community in the millions to develop and create their own resources, code, and programs to enhance Linux’s already impressive capabilities.

Because of the strong communal ties, it’s easy to find someone who has begun the work or gone in a direction you need without purchasing plugins or add-ons.

Enhanced Safety

Linux has been proven to be a very safe and reliable operating system. Tech giants like Amazon and Google wouldn’t trust their massive empires to Linux otherwise. Linux protects your company’s files and services using firewalls, TCP wrappers, and by limiting how much an individual service or program can access.

Hardware Support

Another place where Linux blows Windows out of the water is with their hardware support. If you aren’t like Google and Twitter with an enormous budget for your hardware acquisition and maintenance, Linux can still work wonders for your company which is great news. Linux is compatible with older models of computers and servers, so you don’t need the latest technology to have access to everything Linux has to offer.

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