If you haven’t hopped aboard the cloud computing train, it’s time to give the thought some serious consideration. As of now, plenty of businesses have already joined the crowd, and it’s no wonder: there are numerous benefits to cloud computing, especially Amazon Web Services (AWS). But, if you haven’t made your migratory journey yet, don’t worry.

Migrating from your on-premise solution to a cloud environment can be a daunting task to consider, but when you evaluate the benefits of AWS, it’ll be clear that you can get a lot of bang for your buck when you make the move. Plus, you won’t be alone. Pantek is here to facilitate the move and make things as easy as possible for you.

Reducing Expenses

One of the main benefits of migrating to a cloud environment is the cost reduction. When you pick and choose from a range of individually packaged services, you never have to worry about paying for things that you won’t be using. By switching to services or plans offering a few services bundled together, your business can save a bundle. Pantek can also help by monitoring your cloud environment month to month, so you can watch and evaluate your usage over time. It’s not unusual to need a service one month and not another. This is where we can help.

Increasing Productivity

When your employees aren’t wasting time navigating the eccentricities of an ancient system, they can spend more time working on their projects. The combination of increased productivity and decreased downtime facilitates your company’s efficiency and makes you more profitable.

More Security

Amazon Web Services is a more secure environment for sensitive data, both yours and your clients. At Pantek, we’re experts when it comes to keeping your data safe, and we can help you choose the best precautions to put in place.

Streamline Your Data

There’s nothing worse than wasting resources by having scattered or repetitious data. With AWS, you can streamline your information to keep it all in one convenient place. Employees can spend less time navigating your system to find what they’re looking for and more time on innovation.


Another key facet of AWS is the built-in capacity to scale with your company. You only pay for what you need, which is great when you’re starting out, but you can easily add on more resources to your plan as your company grows.


Finally, AWS offers the flexibility to integrate with artificial intelligence and machine learning. For many businesses, automation is the way of the future. It helps employees save time when it comes to repetitive tasks like data entry or completing routine forms. If you want to incorporate automation, you’ll need a solution that can support it like AWS.

If you are interested in seeing how AWS public cloud computing might be right for you, contact us here at Pantek today. We’re happy to listen to your specific business’s needs, so we can help you determine the right way to go about your cloud migration.