With so many new technologies out there, how do you know which ones to focus on? Technology is moving quickly. Consider that in 2010, just 5 percent of small businesses were utilizing cloud computing technology. Only three years later, according to data from the National Small Business Association (NSBA) Technology Survey, that figure jumped to 43 percent.

Clearly, in this fast-paced technological world, it’s important to stay abreast of the latest advances in technology. Small businesses around the world are changing the way they operate for quicker and more efficient delivery of services to their customers. With that being said, these three trends are crucial to follow in the modern world.


Everyone in the business world knows that communication is key. Regardless of whether teams are working remotely or on-site, the ability to check in with other teams, managers, and customers is vital for a business. By having excellent communication options, you encourage collaboration, which in turn facilitates effectiveness in the products or services you offer. Generally, communication apps and software are inexpensive or free, depending on the vendor, and are both easy to navigate and set up.


Every business’s worst nightmare is a security breach. Protecting your confidential information is crucial, and there is plenty of software that can help you do it with confidence. Typically, protective software can be set up within a day or two of purchasing it. Depending on the provider, protective software or secure storage can be costly, especially if you have a lot of information to store, but it can save you quite a bit in the long run.


The potential impact of automating routine, manual tasks is enormous for a small business. When you don’t have as many employees as a larger business, you want your software to do the work for you, so your teams can focus on diving into the creative aspects of their jobs. These features can generate reports, compile data, track progress, and more.

While it is difficult to predict the cost since software ranges so widely, based on the available features and the vendor, most small businesses find that the freedom it offers by automating tedious, time-consuming tasks is well worth the price. Most automation software has a learning curve and may require some training for correct usage, but it can be installed relatively quickly, especially when you have an IT specialist on your side

Let A Professional IT Service Help

IT professionals are here to guide you through any technical questions or issues you might have. A cloud services provider brings invaluable expertise to small businesses looking to adopt new technology to help their companies operate more smoothly. At Pantek, our experts know precisely what your business should prepare for and how to go about maintaining data security and constructing disaster recovery protocols. Contact us today to learn more about how we can collaborate with your team, help you find the most beneficial technology for your needs, and integrate it smoothly into your daily ventures.