If your company has been searching for a more sustainable, stable, and secure environment for your data, the cloud is an excellent place to be. However, it isn’t just a matter of transferring your data to the cloud and then never giving it a second thought. Cloud infrastructure management refers to keeping your environment secure with new software patches, routine maintenance, and so much more. Cloud infrastructure management is the central nervous system of your business, and it needs proper oversight and care to function as it should.

Essentially, cloud infrastructure management is a set of processes that ensure your environment delivers optimal performances for both internal and external users. The cloud has numerous benefits for any company, such as its scalability for businesses in flux and flexible features, so you can customize your instance to meet your company’s needs and objectives. Cloud infrastructure can quickly become complicated with enough data and resources. The complexity of cloud strategies can stymie even the most intelligent business professionals. That can be a lot to handle, and managing those tools is time not spent utilizing the tools.

If your team is skilled at managing an on-premise data center and is the same team managing the cloud, there will be a gap in knowledge and expertise. This can significantly affect your organization by leaving you open to cyberattacks, problems resulting from outdated software that is no longer supported by the vendor, paying too much for software features you never use, and much more. For example, a team that is accustomed to on-premise data environments might leave the cloud environment running all the time. When the data isn’t in the cloud, that’s normal, but it starts racking up unnecessary costs very quickly for a cloud environment.

That’s where we come in. Pantek offers managed support services for cloud users that include beneficial services like:

  • Proactive performance monitoring and alerting
  • Cost and expense management, so you don’t wind up surprised when your cloud bills start rolling in
  • Security and compliance
  • Asset and resource management
  • Maintenance of the OS/DB environment (patching, SW updates, security updates)
  • Configuration management and system tuning
  • Optimization and continuous improvement services
  • Quarterly reports, including the services/activities, carried out the previous month
  • 24/7 incident response

Nowadays, the business market has become so competitive that your infrastructure (and management teams) may be pushed to the breaking point trying to capture and interpret data faster than ever before. For smaller companies who simply cannot dedicate as many resources to the cause, it can be challenging to offer web-scale services without effective cloud infrastructure management. However, if managed correctly, smaller companies can carve out their niche and offer customers the same types of web services as well-established competitors and increase their ROI. Pantek can help you identify ways to reduce your long-term costs, improve your performance, and let you get back to managing your business, not your cloud infrastructure.

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