If you are an SMB looking to migrate your infrastructure to the cloud, it can be overwhelming. Why? Because there are tons of providers and services to choose from. So, how can you figure out which ones are necessary and will increase your performance and efficiency?

Available Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, offers a plethora of services for businesses of all sizes. Some of the most popular Amazon services are:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service – a secure place to store data
  • AWS Beanstalk – A way to assist in managing website infrastructure by enabling automatic updates and reducing the risk of human error
  • Amazon EC2 – Avoid wasting money on physical servers and the maintenance they require by utilizing virtual machines
  • Amazon Relational Database Service – Make creating databases easier with this service integrated with popular engines like SQL, Postgre SQL, and many others

Google Cloud and Google Drive can combine for some genuinely phenomenal storage and collaborative workspaces. Google Drive allows for files to be accessed by anyone with the correct permissions, so working together on a document or plan is a breeze, even if your team members have never sat in the same room.

OpenStack offers public and private cloud management tools. The best part about it? It provides free and open-source options. For start-up businesses without much in the way of budget, open-source alternatives can save you a lot of money when your company is going through its early growing pains.

How Pantek Can Narrow It Down

It can be intimidating to choose between so many cloud services for your SMB, but Pantek helps you make decisions based on what you need. We understand that pricing structure differs between providers and can evaluate them to find which ones are in alignment with your company’s mission and goals.

We work with your company to bring stakeholders onto the same page and understand the essential cloud adoption elements. Then Pantek creates an actionable plan for getting your company to the cloud and securely manages the migration to the target environment. Pantek is with you every step of the way to ensure that your company gets what it needs without paying for extra features that you will never use.

Contact us today to learn more about how Pantek can help your SMB leverage the right cloud services and thrive.