Pantek Case Study

International Logistics and Transportation Organization Reduces IT Costs by Deploying 389 Directory Server


A diversified transportation and logistics company that delivers integrated transportation and supply chain management solutions worldwide through nine affiliated operating divisions.

The Challenge:

To save on escalating yearly licensing fees, the customer needed to replace an Oracle Internet Directory (OID) identity management server. The customer also wanted to improve system security by managing user access to the system while increasing system scalability.

The Solution:

To take on this challenge, the company turned to Pantek. Pantek designed, configured and optimized two open source 389 Directory Server instances on a two-node cluster, and then set up replication between the two servers so one could back-up the other. Following the deployment, Pantek continued to provide on-going technical support. With the new system in production running on the free open source licenses, the company has reduced its information technology costs significantly

Key Services

  • Adjusted server operating system default settings
  • Optimized kernel and network parameters/settings
  • Created two-node multi-master replicated environment
  • Imported and tested OID data and password store
  • Configured and tested directory server backups

Key Technologies

  • 389 Directory Server
  • Oracle Internet Directory