Open-source is officially here, and you need a skillset capable of jumping on that bandwagon. So, how can your company leverage the open-source tools to drive your IT agenda? The key to that lies in partnering with the right business to optimize your success.

Open-source software is at the forefront of cloud computing because of its flexibility and customization. There are any number of use cases for operating systems and devices that are all perfect for open-source software. But why is open-source suddenly seeing such a surge in popularity?

Why Open-Source Software?

One of the most famous open-source software, Linux, ramped up its notoriety and transitioned into something that everyone was interested in during a global crisis; the economic upheaval after 9/11. Now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, open-source software has once again seen a significant increase in adoption rate.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and a crisis is where innovation flourishes. Open-source systems are especially appealing during economic crises because companies must tighten their belts and learn to get by with smaller budgets. With open-source software, you can pick and choose among features, so your systems aren’t overwhelmed with features that sit unused and consume vital resources.

In addition to the financial advantages of free, open-source software, the fact that it’s maintained and driven by the community means that it is the best place to look for innovation. The sheer number of people contributing their ideas to open-source platforms means that you’ll undoubtedly find the best and brightest concepts.

While it might seem more cost-effective to utilize open-source software in-house, there are some drawbacks to its free nature: the code is complex. Without experts on your side, it can be challenging to maintain, support, and leverage open-source software and optimize your company’s digital environment. The whole point of open-source software is to reduce expenses and give your team new ways to create and develop, not stick them with an enormous learning curve.

How A Partner Can Help

With the right partner, you can quickly move your applications and manage them in the future without dedicating full-time resources to maintaining your new software. That’s where we come in. Pantek can be the perfect partner for your company to get in on the trend and stay abreast of the competition.

At Pantek, our engineers have over 25 years of experience supporting companies who want to take advantage of open-source software and systems. We provide system security and reliability through proactive, strategic planning. Many of the most successful businesses utilize scalable and robust cloud infrastructure and rely on open-source systems.

Companies face challenges that community developers don’t, like the need to stay compliant with regulatory agencies. While community developers can be a great source of information and creativity, they can’t take the place of a specialized company to monitor and maintain your open-source systems.

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