Did you know that the public cloud is predominantly built on Linux? For companies on the lookout for professional services firms who specialize in offering Amazon Web Services assistance, one of the first things you should look for is their expertise on Linux. Linux is the cloud computing system that services like AWS run on, which means that your provider needs experience with both for an effective migration. Plenty of professional providers may show their expertise with AWS, but Pantek has specialized in Linux for over 25 years.

Linux dominates as the preferred operating system of public cloud service providers like AWS, Microsoft, and Google. Just to give you an idea of how widespread Linux is within the public cloud technologies, consider that:

  • Linux has run 90% of the public cloud workload since 2017.
  • Linux has 62% of the embedded market share.
  • Linux has 99% of the supercomputer market share.
  • Linux runs 82% of all smartphones worldwide
  • Nine of the ten most popular public clouds run on Linux.

Why Linux?

Linux first came into being in 1991, and ever since then, it has been community-run or open-source. That means that their code has always been available to the public. Supporters and followers are the ones who have driven Linux’s constant innovation. As a company, Linux encourages people to put forth their crazy ideas and develop them into cutting-edge solutions.

Nowadays, no longer a budding project, Linux is such an essential part of the public cloud that the majority of developers feel that it’s too important to miss out on. Every few months, Linux releases code updates which keeps it on track for staying ahead of the competition. Plus, the open-source code means that companies can configure it for many different use cases and devices.

Whether you need it for a single OS or an extensive network, Linux is infinitely scalable and modular. It’s stable and reliant, two essential aspects that contribute to its success. However, one of the best parts of Linux comes back to the open-source nature: it’s free to use. That’s what makes public cloud computing so affordable, even for smaller companies.

Transforming Your Digital Solutions

When selecting your IT solutions partner to help you migrate to the cloud, you must make sure they understand Linux and open-source technology. Pantek has a team of experts who have been working with Linux and AWS for decades of combined experience.

Once upon a time, Microsoft proclaimed that “Linux was a cancer,” but even they have seen the light, and many of their cloud computing services take advantage of what Linux has to offer. Pantek specializes in Linux to ensure that your business can leverage their cloud services as well.

You used to be able to get by in tech without ever having to say the words open-source, but that’s not the world we live in anymore. Contact Pantek today for expertise in Linux and AWS and help successfully migrate your business onto the public cloud.