For many laypeople, just the word “DevOps” is enough to make their eyes glaze over in confusion. Simply clarifying that DevOps is a combination of software development and IT operations doesn’t fully encompass all of the responsibilities inherent in the development life cycle all the way to production or all of the issues that can crop up along the way. By relying on manual deployments, businesses run the risk of errors in the process plus the additional time and cost of doing everything by hand. Luckily, at Pantek we know how to utilize cloud-based best practices and DevOps tools to shorten the system development life cycle.

By speeding up rapid-release cycles of production, Pantek aligns your company’s business objectives with cloud strategy by analyzing, identifying, and augmenting your resources. Pantek uses automation and tools to control costs and ensure your cloud infrastructure will perform reliably. Don’t just take our word for it though, see for yourself in the following case study.

Wandrian Case Study

Like many other software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies, Wandrian wondered how they would use a cloud environment to make their application deployments smooth and easy instead of dealing with manual deployments. Pantek stepped in and found two strategies to help: creating an elastic computer resource architecture and ensuring application performance.

By using application containers, we encapsulated the shortest run time that their applications needed and ensured that as demand for Wandrian’s services increases, the Dev team can quickly replicate the application. Additionally, the containers facilitated the continuous integration methodology that Wandrian prizes while allowing the company to remain efficient, reduce costs, and utilize resources. The containers had the added benefits of holding the programming language and dependencies for each application.

Pantek also automated an infrastructure-as-code architecture (IaC) to allow Wandrian to manage their cloud environment through source code. This way, Wandrian would not have to manually manage cloud configurations; it’s all automated for added efficiency and convenience for them. Plus, the Wandrian development team can now store their code repositories, create release pipelines, and manage artifacts.

By utilizing IaC, Wandrian has visibility for all of the changes made to the environment as well as all resources running at any given point in time. In conjunction with Pantek’s monthly reports, it’s easy to compare those resources with the ones run the previous month and track changes.

In short, by building out the cloud environment to meet Wandrian’s specific needs and automating processes, Pantek has saved Wandrian a significant amount of time and energy. With the input of code, Wandrian can trigger the automated release pipeline and continue to focus on their next project without worrying about releasing each component individually.

How We Can Help

For 25 years, Pantek has been covering everything from security and support to reporting — all end to end — so you can focus on the internal initiatives that matter most. We want to bring cloud computing to small and medium-sized businesses across the country. Pantek understands how crucial it is to have a stable digital blueprint, so we make it easy to transition smoothly from your legacy system to cloud computing while encouraging company growth.

By utilizing a team of experienced and skilled personnel, we proactively prevent problems from arising in the future and work directly with you to tailor solutions that fit your needs. Pantek will monitor, manage, automate, and secure your technology ecosystem like never before.

As a company, we pride ourselves on our expertise in cloud services and our 24-hour support. If you’re looking for an expert to support your business with software and cloud services, get in touch with our Pantek team today!