As more and more companies switch to cloud-based solutions like Amazon Web Services, (AWS), it’s easy to see how much of a game-changer it is. However, if your company wants to leverage cloud services for all they’re worth, you’ll need to incorporate DevOps into the process. Separately, DevOps and the cloud can accelerate your software delivery, but together they can ramp up the process to previously unattainable heights.

Migrating to a cloud environment solves plenty of problems faced by companies utilizing on-premise solutions. Those problems going away can help you develop faster, assuming that your DevOps team leverages cloud-based tools and services since they can benefit intensely from the cloud. Want an added benefit? During the migration preparation, your DevOps team has the opportunity to modernize your platform.

One widely used example is the incorporation of automation for routine business operations and previously manual tasks. Cloud services also reduce the overall costs by ensuring that your business is only paying for the resources it uses which allows you to put more money into subsequent iterations of your software. That can reduce your timeline for deployment and delivery. All of this comes together to let your developers spend their time developing instead of fighting against the complex on-premise solutions.

How Pantek Can Help

We understand the importance of addressing issues proactively, instead of simply reacting to things down the road. That’s why we work closely with your company to identify business goals and essential resources. Pantek ensures that you find the right package of services for your company and monitors your cloud environment to meet your changing needs. That way, you never have to worry about overpaying for resources you aren’t utilizing.

Your DevOps team can also help reduce the overhead expenses by automating certain processes, application deployment, and provisioning to shrink the capacity your business needs on a daily or weekly basis. With cloud services like AWS, you can change your plans if you need more, but commit to paying less.

We offer a free Well-Architected AWS Review to help your business align with the best practices, so your DevOps team can work efficiently. Applying these AWS best practices will help you more accurately manage capacity needs, test systems at production scale, and build architectures that can evolve based on new technologies.

These best practices enable you to save time, cut costs, drive efficiency, and provide fact-based improvement plans to track and improve workload compliance. Our review helps the team adjust their priorities so that everything will be ready for scaling in the future. This includes reviewing process automatization, current deployment process (CI/CD pipeline), infrastructure as code, and container management. That way, your DevOps team can ensure that their work is baked in from the beginning for cloud-native applications.

If you are interested in seeing how AWS works with a DevOps team, give us a call. Simply contact our experts here at Pantek today to discuss your specific business goals, so we can help you create a plan specific to your unique cloud-based needs.