Businesses of all sizes have welcomed the cloud as a means to remain on schedule thanks to the potential of lower capital costs and better IT mobility. However, it’s simple for services and expenses to soar if there aren’t adequate controls in place around cloud spend and use. So, what can you do to keep costs down and still benefit from the cloud?

That’s where Pantek comes in. We help you keep track of your expenditures and monitor your cloud environment to ensure that you aren’t carrying any dead weight. The cloud is vast and can be intimidating, even for experienced teams. It’s unfortunately easy to lose track of everything that’s going on. But not with us. Don’t waste storage space and money on services you’re not using!

Save Money with Pantek

The name of the game is resource management, and it’s the opposite of child’s play. Pantek helps you manage your resources by identifying cloud providers and packages that offer bulk discounts for bundles of essential services, keeping tabs on your cloud environment, and assisting you in scaling your resources to meet your needs. Don’t get caught paying for resources you’re not leveraging to their full extent.

If that sounds like a lot to think about, and that’s because it is. Sadly, there is no one right way to save money on your cloud services. That’s why Pantek offers a range of services to keep your expenses down and your efficiency up. We help identify hidden fees, as well as discounts, so you’re prepared for all eventualities, including your bills.

By evaluating your needs and current capacities, as well as budget, Pantek can help you put together a plan to optimize your cloud environment and ensure that you have everything you need to hit the ground running.

Reserved Capacity

For businesses who have partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you’ve probably heard of reserved instances. But they aren’t alone; Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud offer a similar feature. The basic idea is that you promise to use the service at a certain level hourly for a period of between one to three years. These plans can help you save over half of your cloud costs, as long as you can stay true to your commitment.

Alternatively, AWS features savings plans which are like the reserved capacity plan except that you’re promising a certain level of spend per hour, instead of usage. Depending on how you’re utilizing your AWS package and the nature of your business, this might be the right move.

Evaluating these and other offers can be challenging for businesses, especially if you’re switching over to a cloud environment. Pantek offers decades of combined expertise to help you make the right decision for your company, so you can save the most money while getting the cloud services you need.

If you are interested in seeing how cloud optimization might be right for you, contact us here at Pantek today and talk to one of our experts about your business’s needs and we can help you determine the right way to go about using the cloud to your ultimate advantage.