If you have been wary of implementing automation in your small business, despite the widespread use among large companies, Pantek is here to break down exactly what it is and all the benefits of leveraging it for your small business.

What is Automation?

Automation technologies remove the need for humans to input data or complete specified workflows manually. Essentially, by defining the rules of a process, you enable your computers to do the work for you instead of needing extra hands. One example of automation is patching. Servers and applications require patching regularly, so you could have security and performance patches implemented on a set schedule with automation.

Benefits of Automation

One of the most significant benefits of automation is the reduction of human error. Using the example given above, it is easy to foresee a situation where the person in charge of patching the servers accidentally forgets a step or does something different from one time to the next. This can cause some severe problems in the future, which can be devastating for an SMB. Your website might have to have more downtime, crucial functions may go offline, or you may be at risk for a security breach. An automated process could include a backup, implementation, and then testing it to see if the update is effective.

In addition to decreasing the risk of human error, automation also frees up your employees to do more with their time. When you hire people at an SMB, you usually need them to wear multiple hats and bring a variety of skills to the table. Instead of forcing them to spend hours manually entering data or performing repetitive tasks through workflows, your company can leverage automation to get those tasks done without taking time away from your workforce.

Not only could your employees have more time to spend on improving your products or services or connecting with customers, but your company can also save money by reducing overhead costs with automation.

How Pantek Can Help

Even knowing how automation can help, some SMBs still worry that they don’t have the time or expertise to set it up in the first place. After all, how much time do you have to spend on developing automation and ensuring that it performs at the high standards you need month after month? This is where Pantek can help. We work with you to build infrastructure, install it, and then maintain it, so you can focus on doing what you do best: running your business.

Contact us to take your business to the next level through automation.